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IPSC Main Controller
32-bit Motorola ColdFire processor, industry high-speed bus structure;16M memory, 4M Flash (can be expanded);Eight universal serial ports;One RS-232 universal programming interface;Built-in network interface and TCP/IP protocol suite;Powerful visual programming software
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The SMARTISYS® IPSC series of control products adopt Motorola 32-bit embedded processors, and run embedded SmartLinux OS. They support overall TCP/IP protocol suite and standard communication protocols. The feature-rich Smart Control Builder™ visual programming software provides hundreds of logic functional modules. It makes use of the latest component technology and drag-and-drop programming which is simple and comprehensible.

FromtoChart™, a control logic chart peculiar to the SMARTISYS® series, makes the control logic easy to comprehend. All of the IPSC series products have built-in network interfaces, support remote control, remote configuration and maintenance, as well as online upgrading.

The SMARTISYS® IPSC series of control products are applicable to numerous fields, for example conference control, command and control center, videoconferencing system, intelligent building, monitoring and scheduling center, studio and media demonstration, space and military technology, simulation and virtual reality.

Superior Control Capability
The IPSC series of control products adopt industrial dual-bus structure and embedded OS. They provide standard RS-232/422/485 serial ports, I/O ports, IR/serial ports and Low level relays. The IPSC series of main control computers are integrated with Internet network interfaces, and special SmartNet interfaces.

Powerful Extensibility
The IPSC series of main control computers support cascading in serial to IPIO interface computers arbitrarily, to extend the control interfaces. With such powerful extensibility, they are competent for implementing centralized control in a large-scale command control and scheduling center, say nothing of a single multimedia conference room.

Remote Control and Online Management
The IPSC series support TCP/IP protocol suite, such as POP3 and SMTP. The system is capable of remote management. The devices implement automatic discovery and configuration through the SmartPNP protocol, and support plug-and-play. They download updated system programs automatically, and can be configured and programmed remotely via the Internet.

Security Authentication and Gateway Function
The IPSC series products support digital certificate of the devices. The communication protocols use encryption algorithms from 128 digits through to 1024 digits. They support SSL communication protocol. In addition, the IPSC series products provide gateway function to guarantee the system security.

Powerful Visual Programming Software
The Smart Control Builder visual programming software offers simple and convenient visual programming environment. Feature-rich logic components and component library are also available. The FromtoChart™ control logic chart and multiple logic and component views create corresponding control language codes automatically. This programming software works effectively for any complex control process.

32-bit Motorola ColdFire processor, industry high-speed bus structure
16M memory, 4M Flash (can be expanded)
Eight universal serial ports
One RS-232 universal programming interface
Built-in network interface and TCP/IP protocol suite
Powerful visual programming software


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