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Smart Control Builder
As the visual development software for control system logic process developed by SMARTISYS(R) Inc., SMARTISYS Control Builder can provide the flexible and opened programmable control platform for the engineer. The system provides nearly one hundred logic functional modules and commands, and the engineer can work out strong control procedure according to application requirements.
SMARTISYS Touch Designer
SMARTISYS Touch Designer is a kind of picture interface development software of ▼What you get is what you see▼ developed by SMARTISYS(R) Inc., it possesses abundant configuration and strong functions to meet the programming requirements of operational interface of any complicated control systems. In addition, the software supports multi-platform compiling and can generate application programs under LINUX or WINDOWS CE.NET or generate the user operational programs operated through browser on the computer.
Smart eControl
The software is the remote control development platform based on the Internet, remote control, management and maintenance can be carried out through it and the Internet. Control range of the human being shall be extended via the Internet and the complete solutions for emergency command, intelligent residence and the large and complicated transregional application system can be provided.
Smart Mobile PDA
The software is the remote control by PDA.
Smart IR
The tools of learning infrared code.
Smart IPIO
Debug tools of Interface machine(IPIO-1/2).